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Aphex Twin // aisatsana [102]

this is all i needed from this album ty aphex twin

this is in my opinion a hot and awesome track

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but only in the form of haikus

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dear shinji, how can I learn to belong to someone else and still belong to myself? whenever I feel a tender curiosity for a boy, I am afraid that I cannot blossom in freedom, that I am not able to deeply connect with other people, and cannot love every person I meet any longer. do you believe that there is a love that does not limit or bind, but liberates? that gives you space without having to step outside of that love? do you believe it to be possible to rise in love, rather than to fall?
by Anonymous


baby you don’t belong to anyone but yourself. letting love in and letting love spill from you, being with another human being – once you look at all this with the eyes of sharing instead of giving away then it remains yours. then you remain yours. we need new language to talk about love, a new language that makes it less heavy, more light. less give and take. more of an even osmosis. make sure everyone knows that you’re your own before you’re anyone else’s. protect your autonomy. I don’t believe in any love that feels as if it doesn’t allow rising. we’re just heat, all of us. just heat and heart. don’t let any boy rob you of your dreams and your freedom. it’s not worth it.